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Meet with China-Africa Youth Leader Forum at CapitalBio


(June 20th 2012, Beijing) Over 80 youth leaders from scores of African countries, let by Mr Cao Baijun the director of Bureau IV (African Affaris), International Department Central Committee CCP, visited CapitalBio Corporation & National Engineering Research Center for Beijing Biochip Technology (CapitalBio) this afternoon.
Prof. Cheng Jing the founder of CapitalBio, Mr Xu Junquan the COO the Prof. Xing Wanli the deputy director of the research center and over 30 young mainstay employees extended warmest welcome to youth leader delegates from Africa and officials from the International Department Central Committee CCP, and led a tour to the patent display, history gallery, innovation show center, instrument workshop and genetic test laboratory.
After that, Prof Cheng made a presentation about academic achievements and clinical diagnostic assay product development of CapitalBio, including the progress and benefit of the deafness gene mutation screening project for hearing-impaired population and new born babies, the molecular diagnostic solution for the rapid detection of TB infection and drug resistance, and the cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip technology with application in the POCT and reproductive medicine. The African delegates appreciated the accomplishments of CapitalBio and applauded warmly from time to time during the presentation.
All the delegates and attendees took a group photo together at the front gate of CapitalBio.
In the evening buffet, Prof Cheng, Mr Cao and Sudan delegate made speeches before the free communication between Chinese and African youth, which fostered the friendship for the better future of China and Africa. As the music of African rhythm echoed in the canteen, many African delegates and their new Chinese friends began to dance hand in hand and face to face. The event is closed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.




China-Africa Youth Leader Forum is acting in CapitalBio