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Collins Chabane Visited CapitalBio


(June 19th 2012, Beijing) Mr Collins Chabane, the Minister in the Presidency of South Africa, accompanied by Ms. Carman Smidt, the International Relations Coordinator of South Africa, Mr Zhao Fei, the director of the personnel bureau, and Mr Zhou Guohui of the Bureau IV (African Affairs), International Department Central Committee of CPC, visited CapitalBio Corporation & the National Engineering Research Center for Beijing Biochip Technology (CapitalBio) this morning.
Dr Cheng Jing the founder and CTO, Mr Xu Junquan the COO extended the warmest welcome to Mr Chabane, his colleagues and leader from the International Department Central Committee of CPC on behalf of all the staff in CapitalBio. Dr Cheng and Mr Xu led a tour for the honorable guests to the patent display, history gallery, innovation show center, instrument workshop, blood sample bank for the Chinese Blood Stem Cell Donor Project and genetic test laboratory.
In the talks later, Dr Cheng made a brief presentation about the research findings and clinical diagnostics assay products of CapitalBio in the frontier of 3P medicine (Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine), with a focus on the molecular diagnostic solution for the rapid detection of TB infection and drug resistance. Mr Chabane is impressed by the achievements of CapitalBio. He also mentioned that the control of tuberculosis is a major concern in South Africa and asked the detail of CapitalBio TB related diagnostic assays.


Mr Chabane Visited CapitalBio