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Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Array Kit
CapitalBio Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Array Kit is designed for the rapid, high throughput screening of known hotspot mutations related to hereditary hearing loss. Nine mutations in four genes (GJB2, GJB3, SLC26A4 and 12S rRNA) are evaluated simultaneously.
Hereditary hearing loss may be inherited from one parent or both who may or may not have a loss of hearing themselves. The disease can be inherited in an autosomal dominant, an autosomal recessive, or an X-linked recessive manner, as well as mitochondrial inheritance. Approximately 0.1% of children are born with profound hearing loss and more than 50% of prelingual deafness is genetic, mostly often autosomal recessive and nonsyndromic. Many different genes are known to cause hereditary hearing loss and deafness. Knowledge of the mutations can help to identify hearing impairment at birth, so that educational programs that stimulate language can begin immediately. Furthermore, it can also provide warning to avoid taking certain types of antibiotics, which are known to cause deafness in children carrying certain gene mutations.
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