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Food Safety Detection System
An advanced microarray-based platform for food safety applications CapitalBio Food Safety Detection System is based on an advanced microarray platform. The system includes a microarray scanner, microarray detection kits, result analysis software and other accessories. The current applications of the system are for veterinary drug residues and common bacteria that may contaminate foodstuffs. CapitalBio is developing further applications based on the system. These include fertilizer residue detection, animal epidemic disease identification and gene-modified animal and plant detection.
Microarray Laboratory Packages
Life science research and diagnostics demands comprehensive experiments and quick turn around of results. CapitalBio have compiled as series of MICROARRAY LABORATORY PACKAGES, with all you need to produce, hybridize, scan and interpret microarrays – both protein and DNA arrays. The MICROARRAY LABORATORY PACKAGES are designed for utility, but are mean to be fully flexible – You choose the content and your dealer will provide you with a quotation price. Our PACKAGES are the most cost effective you will find – anywhere.
Molecular Diagnostic Microarray System
CapitalBio has developed a series of products for clinical diagnostics based on the latest discoveries in human genomic and proteomic research, while employing microarray and nucleic acid/protein based technologies. These products are designed to help physicians meet the increasing needs of today’s high quality healthcare. The high specificities and sensitivities of the tests have been verified both in our laboratories and in clinical laborotories. The comprehensive genetic data and information on infectious diseases from our diagnostic kits can provide new perspectives about the diseased, enabling healthcare workers to provide a better diagnosis, better treatment and an informed prognosis of disease outcomes.
Microarray Printing and Application
CapitalBio provides everything you need to set up your microarray platform including instruments, consumables and reagents, software and database support.
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