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Life Science Data Management System V4.0

The Life Science Data Management System (CB-LDMS) provides an integrated software database solution for recording, analyzing, reporting and managing the diverse molecular data generated by biological and medical research. The system is based on international advanced J2EE and standard SQL server architecture. All data is saved on the server, ensuring data safety and easy maintenance. This system also has a dynamic database project function. The system goal is to help researchers study biological systems in depth and to implement various quality control procedures digitally. An integrated solution that truly meets the data management needs of the modern laboratory must have capabilities that extend well beyond simple data capture and reporting. The CB-LDMS consolidates disparate processes into a single compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance and networking capabilities. The data can be shared within the laboratory or the enterprise.

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◆ Transfer large volumes of data quickly and accurately
◆ Customizable and flexible configurations for different research models
◆ Strong statistical analysis functions and flexible query methods
◆ Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11
◆ Standard laboratory management: compliant with the Standard Guide of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
◆ Worklist management, two-directional communications with LDMS and instruments and combines data from different sources
◆ Convenient data capture and reporting
◆ Improves data safety in regard to audits and strict system security


◆ Data recording, storage, arrangement, analysis and reporting for proteomics and genomic research
◆ Retrieve quality control data
◆ Estimate, manage and authenticate experimental data
◆ Systems and standards management for related fields of biological research
◆ Medical insurers: insurance pricing and policy development

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Life Science Data Management System V4.0